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Best Websites to Hire Developers for Your New Idea

In the competitive tech world, it can be hard to find reliable, trustworthy, talented, and transparent teams to handle your project effectively. That is why, in this guide, we give you all the insights you need to hear before hiring the next developers to handle your project in a professional manner. Keep reading for valuable insights.

The different types of websites where you can hire developers

The websites for hiring top developers are divided into three main categories. The variations depend on:

  • Costs of web/app development project
  • Quality of the final results
  • The hiring procedures

Once you understand the different models, you can compare the nature and requirements of your development project and then select the appropriate website to hire developers. The three categories of websites you can hire developers from include:

These are online marketplaces dedicated to helping technical and creative freelancers sell their services and make money. They focus mainly on small projects for specific skills. Any freelancer can easily register and join order-based websites and start applying for jobs. With this in mind, you cannot be guaranteed great quality since you aren’t sure of the expert levels of freelancers from order-based websites.

Bidding websites work in a similar manner as applying for jobs traditionally. As a client, you simply post your app or web app development project, stating all the details, requirements, and price tags. Different freelancer, therefore, bid or apply to your job post, describing their capabilities, knowledge, and how they plan to make your project turn out successful. Although you can review the freelancer’s past history on similar projects, you can’t be sure of the final results.

Besides, most expert developers are rarely on bidding platforms because of the competitive space on the bidding websites. The goal of expert developers is to find premium projects that will align with their expertise and knowledge in the field of app/web development.

Since these platforms depend heavily on reviews from past clients, it is not an appropriate way to measure and vet the skills of the developers. Examples of bidding platforms are Guru and Upwork.

These are vetted websites where only pro developers are found. Many clients will opt for this model because they will save time and get high-quality results, but it is costly. Besides, many developers prefer this model because they get a chance to grow their network with other pro developers, thus opening doors to more premium projects.

The core value of a premium tech talent network is to enhance the success of the project. Clients save themselves the time to interview or screen other developers with the hope of landing top talents.

When you post your job, the main concern of such platforms is to strategize and plan how to connect you with developers who will meet the requirements of your project.

Examples of such websites include Aalpha, UpWork, and Toptal.

Premium developer websites such as Aalpha, Toptal, and UpWork fall under this head.

Things to consider before selecting the appropriate platform to hire developers

Every platform where you can hire developers has a set of benefits and pitfalls. You only need to ensure you select a platform that will ensure the success of the project within the set timeline.

Therefore, before you select a platform to hire developers from, consider the tips below:

Budget aside, clients will always prioritize quality. Despite the magnitude of the project, clients will always opt for premium talent websites that will enhance the growth of their business.

If your project isn’t that huge and complex and you are on a tight budget, there is no need to opt for premium tech talent networks. In such cases, bidding websites like Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork will come in handy.

In such platforms, you are likely to get freelancers who are willing to handle your project within your budget. However, before signing a contract and starting the project, make sure you screen the candidates well to get a perfect match for your project.

When your project is quite complex, but you want to maintain your budget, it might be hard to get top developers from premium websites. Therefore, the only option will be bidding websites as well. You will get beginner developer freelancers intermediate, and expert freelancers in these platforms.

It will be up to you to bargain and explain the project’s dynamics during the interview process to ensure you get a perfect match. However, good quality isn’t guaranteed here because you will only rely on what the freelancer has to say and their past reviews on similar tasks. You might not be able to see a clear picture of what such freelancers can offer until you sign a contract with them.

Nonetheless, if you have adequate time, you can take your time to check portfolios, past projects, and what other clients have to say. You might end up getting a top-notch developer on such platforms.

Still, when your project is longer with a set budget, you can also try premium websites and negotiate your price. You can get a team that will handle your project effectively with flexible payment plans.

Top Websites to Hire Developers

Are you ready to hire developers for your project? Try the following top websites to hire developers for your startup.

Aalpha is an Indian-based tech company dedicated to offering a wide range of tech services. The company has been working and delivering tech-related products and services for over ten years now. You will get chance to hire a highly experniced developers with years of experience to deliver the mobile app, software, and web development services, among many other tech services. Importantly, you can hire developers starting at $20 per hour for your upcoming projects.

Upwork has been in the limelight for a couple of years. Today, Upwork is among the biggest and most popular freelance marketplaces for bidding platforms. The platform isn’t specifically defined for developers. It offers other job requirements and different niches.

As for the costings, the main focus relies on the volume of the project. As freelancers, they can bid from $8 — $100 per hour. This depends on the nature of the project and the experience level of the developers. It can even be more depending on the location of the freelancers.

Hubstaff Talent is dedicated to giving clients a platform to check and verify freelancer profiles so that they can connect to the best matches directly. The processes are straightforward, and freelancers only need to sign up to become members. With Hubstaff Talent, you cannot be able to measure the quality of the work after working with the freelancers. Both clients and freelancers can sign up for free.

When Guru was set up in 1998, the main goal was to help freelancers find one-time projects that have a short time frame. However, the platform has now transformed, and it now offers other services such as design, admin, and accounting, among others, unlike before, where it was only for developers.

Today, Guru has a wide range of freelancers from across the world. Just like Upwork, the platform doesn’t have a clear vetting process but offers a review feature to enable clients to evaluate past projects on freelancer profiles. Therefore, when using Guru to get your next developer, take adequate time to ensure you get the right development partner.

The price varies in the case of Guru. You can get low-cost developers who will still deliver quality work.

This is yet another premium freelance platform offering financial consultation, design, product management, and project management services. The platform has a wide pool of expert developers as it has a thorough screening process to ensure only top talents who meet the set criteria join the platform. Therefore, as a client, you can be sure of quality with Toptal.

Toptal is quite pricy because of the high commission rates. It ranges from $80 to $200 per hour.

Fiverr is the best place to hire developers for small projects and mostly one-time projects. Fiverr offers many services, and as a client, you can get services from app development, voice-overs, logo, and design, among many others.

Under the platform, freelancers are known as sellers, and the selling price can range from $5 — $995, depending on the magnitude of the project.

The platform has a seller-level feature that helps clients evaluate the freelancer’s progress in terms of performance and quality of previously done tasks.


Finding the developers can be a hard task, especially if your project is quite urgent. However, there are best website to hire developers where you can seek help and land your next team of developers. Have you tried any of the above suggestions? Reach out to Aalpha Information Systems, India, for all of your web or app development projects.

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