Angular JS vs Vue JS : Which is Better for Front-end Development


Angular JS is an open-source framework maintained by Google developers to meet the challenges, problems, and issues encountered amid the development of single-page applications. AngularJS development is used to design the front end of the application and it is based on JavaScript.

After the utilization of AngularJS in a lot of projects at Google, Evan You designed another framework of JavaScript and named it Vue JS. Vue was released in February 2014 with the objective of organizing and simplifying web development.

As Angular follows a modular approach to build an application hence it is perceived as a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. Angular JS is designed to reduce the amount of effort put in by the developers to create a website and provides the developers with features to reduce the lines of code for the development of the website.

There are a number of JavaScript files in Angular JS. If you want to use Angular JS you have to include the core file of Angular as it contains major features of the framework. Building on the core files foundation you can add multiple files or modules to add more functionality.

The primary library of Vue emphasis on functional declaration and composition of components, hence it could be embedded into existing pages as well. Vue is your best companion whenever to want to develop real-time systems and you have to deliver it with a tight schedule. The following features are selling points of the Vue framework:

> Performance

> Flexibility

> Ease of Use

> Seamless configuration and customization

The syntax of Angular JS is the same as that of plain HTML and it includes extended HTML terminologies as well. Because of its syntax, it is easy to adopt by beginners and get hands-on experience with Angular JS. Angular is more rapid and easy to implement for single-page-based web applications. Because of its modular architecture, it provides automatic and efficient data synchronization between model, view, and controller. It is highly recommended to use Angular JS for the creation of dynamic web applications.

Like Angular, Vue JS is also very easy to configure and easy to build web interfaces with it. It can be easily integrated with existing projects and DLLs. Like other frameworks of JavaScript, Vue also uses DOM (Data Object Model). It creates a copy of DOM and changes made by the developer are done in this copy of DOM. When these changes are finalized then they are updated in the original copy of DOM which is actually visible to the end-user.

Difference between Angular JS and Vue JS:

If you want to build big applications then Angular JS development can be adapted, while Vue JS is more likely to be used for smaller, lightweight applications.

Vue is added to the project using CLI or CDN, while the integration of Angular is as simple as other JavaScript files as it only needs to be copied to the project directory.

Angular JS can be used with any of the backend programming languages, while Vue JS uses HTML, CSS, and JS separately because of its stiff nature as a front-end framework.

Angular is based upon JavaScript and uses JavaScript language for its development, while Vue JS uses templates and syntax of HTML and is based upon the concept of MVC.

Angular JS is supposed to follow some structure to build a website while Vue JS is flexible because of its modular nature.

Angular JS support real-time applications like instant messaging or chat apps whereas Vue JS is best suited for lightweight single-page applications by providing an easy interface.

Angular JS requires some time for the developer to get used to it, one can build a simple website within few hours with Vue JS while it’s difficult to do so with Angular JS.


It is highly recommended to use Vue JS for simpler product development. If you are efficient with JavaScript then it would be the more fruitful option for you to go with Vue JS. Vue JS is the most preferred framework by the Laravel community and it is their claim that using Vue JS with Laravel reduces the execution time by almost 50% and also provides a lot of free space on the server.

It is better to go with Angular JS if you want to work on both the server and client side. Angular JS is a better option to use with heavyweight web applications rather than Vue JS.

Vue JS is a framework with fewer options while Angular JS provides a lot of functionality, hence enables it to be used in complex and heavyweight web application development.

If you want to decide about using one of the frameworks then it is entirely up to your skills and understanding of the particular framework as well as the nature of the project which you want to work on.

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