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Amazing Jquery Plugins For Web Designers

A proper choice to advance frontend development is JQuery plugins. The plugins have served as an excellent help for front-end developers, where they have ensured development is even much more straightforward. With the plugins, the developers’ work is much less — they have many features to incorporate into the code and quickly implement most of the crucial frontend elements. With such an approach, the developer won’t spend much time developing the front end of your website.

Noticeably, many plugins have been under development over time to enable the interactivity of websites with little to less work involved in development. As it is a way of making everything easier for developers, the result is the creation of powerful and quality websites that meet the user’s needs. On the other hand, developers also have significant experience interacting with code and developing websites. Plugins used in web development offer a wide range of features that would have otherwise been difficult for the developer to create. They come with more excellent ideas whose implementation generates perfection in any website. However, jQuery plugins come in even handier. The handiness that comes with plugins revolves around their flexibility and versatility, which are the essential elements for building a user, reliable website. jQuery, one of the best JavaScript libraries, comes with another rich set of features that support the plugins to attain the best in development. It comes with a small code snippet that appropriately rhymes with the current generation of browsers. With the broadness of these plugins for the web, it is essential for developers to understand some of the amazing ones, so they incorporate them during development. For this reason, we are delving into an in-depth discussion about these fantastic jQuery plugins. Let’s quickly explore a highlight of the plugins and an overview of their work.

Cool Kitten

Responsiveness is the current king and determiner of a properly developed website. Therefore, current-generation developers have an excellent task of ensuring that their websites adhere to responsive designs. For this purpose, jQuery comes in handy to support the need for responsiveness through one of its most significant, Cool Kitten. The plugin comes with a responsive framework that applies mainly in the implementation of parallax scrolling on any website. Any developer will attest that parallax scrolling is essential for most websites and that there is a great need for its incorporation. A wonderful thing about the plugins is that they support parallax scrolling over various devices, such as smartphones. Such an approach to development is more convenient because different users greatly rely on portable devices such as mobile phones. Therefore, most of the websites developed should occur in such a way to support seamless working on these devices.


On various browsers, you might encounter some default dialog boxes that always pop up upon clicking some button or trying some functionality on the website. The default dialog boxes seem plain and might be boring, with fewer features considerable by users. The alaertify.js, one of the most incredible jQuery plugins, comes in handy to support the attractiveness of the dialog box. The plugin comes exclusively with no third-party libraries, which may bring in the need for ensuring compatibility. However, it is pure with no need for compatibility — it is flexible and fit for any browser or development platform. More importantly, the plugin provides an easy API and allows easy CSS customization.


When developing applications and writing code, you will often need to cater to the need to complete the process efficiently with little to no strain on users. typeahead.js is a beautiful plugin that comes resourcefully to support you in different autocompleting options when users input data into forms. Allowing such a capability using TypeAhead.js is one of the essential steps a developer should consider when using jQuery. The plugin comes in handy to support the autocompletion processes through local and external data, which gets populated in the search field. It is one of the most accessible and implementable plugins developed by Twitter.


Users entering dates on your website or forms can sometimes be a turn-off for them. It is essential to make everything easier for them because, after development, the user is at the center and comes before everything else. As a partial implementation of the strategy, Pickadate.js comes with a great feature to allow website users to pick a specific date from a date selection widget that pops up when clicked. The date and time picker comes in different forms and allows for customization. More importantly, it is simple and lightweight and won’t break your website with heavy functionalities. Standard customizable options that come with the plugin include the ability to add various elements, such as time intervals.


It is just like any other image slider, crucial for developing websites that implement image sliding. It is one of the simplest plugins with full support for elements such as video, text, and images. Therefore, it is an attractive option for creating seamless and flexible content sliders. In addition, it comes with other extended features that will give your end user a great experience on the website. Such features include transition animation(customizable) and comprehensive support for additional touch and wipe components.


Even though many features and related components might be phased out, implementing Turn.js is a crucial need for your website. With the plugin notwithstanding, you can quickly implement some of the renowned flash effects on your webpage regardless. For example, the flip page effect is among the best flash effects under the implementation of Turn.js. Ensuring to use of this feature and plugin comes in with a unique experience for the developer and the users at larger. More importantly, the plugin isn’t heavy enough to bring loading issues to your website’s final implementation. An outstanding feature supported in this plugin is the ability to work well on different devices, including iPhones. It also works perfectly on a different set of browsers and thus doesn’t limit developers from using it on any browser implementation.


Since web typography is essential when designing your website, it is necessary to take over its control and utilize its capabilities to the maximum. However, you won’t manage to keep in sync with the provisioning of web typography without necessary plugins such as lettering.js. With the plugin, you can easily take control of the letter kerning and other letter-related elements. Furthermore, it is crucial to realize that with this plugin, you can easily integrate with perfect typographies that probably wouldn’t be easier to implement with other resources.


When preparing forms on your website, it is inarguable that you will need to implement various features for user needs. iCheck comes with outstanding functionality and tries to load the forms with extended functionality and thus making it much perfect. The use of the plugin is essential as it helps reduce the element of monotony during form implementation. Therefore, the plugin comes in handy with a wonderful redefinition of forms among users, thus giving them a great experience when handling forms on your website. Furthermore, there is no rigidity in form implementation once you implement the use of iCheck. It is why iCheck allows unlimited customizations on forms with smoother embedding support. An excellent example of its most fantastic resources is a wide range of options for radio buttons and checkboxes for use. The developer thus chooses their valuable options among these elements and customizes them if needed.


Parallax effect during horizontal scrolling provides a unique test for the website user. It is, therefore, essential to try hard enough and implement this feature quickly on your website. But the process isn’t tricky courtesy of the provisioning of jInvertScroll, a basic jQuery plugin. Similar to other jQuery plugins, it is lightweight and requires no expertise to set up and configure for your project.


As the name is predictive, the jQuery plugin above supports the ability to make tabs. Therefore, implementing this plugin is crucial for your code for custom event provision and deep linking among more implementations. More importantly, the plugin has the full support and works well in browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, among others. It is also compatible with the latest version of browsers and development software.


The need for a rich image gallery for your website should push you to give a try on this essential plugin. Nanogallery2 is one of the most incredible plugins in jQuery that widely supports the creation of a rich combination of high-quality galleries on your website. With a loaded high-quality image gallery website, you can provide a great user experience for both your website’s active and potential visitors. It comes with an easy image builder and greatly supports a perfect display on your website. Most importantly, the plugin is tailored to support easier development among web developers and designers.

Magnific Popup

We’ve seen many related jQuery plugins emphasize the implementation of compatibility with an aspect of enjoying the lightweight feature. Magnify Popup isn’t an exemption from this list of fantastic jQuery plugins. The plugin comes fully featured to support a tremendous performance on various devices. In addition, it focuses on providing the most outstanding user experience regardless of their device.


jQuery has proved to be among the essential frameworks loaded with some of the best plugins and entities to support the more straightforward design and development. Its purposeful implementation boasts many other crucial plugins such as FitText, Tooltipsy, ScrollMe, and others.

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