Agile Vs. Lean Methodology for Your Business : Aalpha

Agile Vs. Lean Methodology for Your Business

Agile Briefing

So what exactly is Agile DEV Methodology?

Agile VS Waterfall process Comparison

  • Iterative development — It handles feature creeps and bugs
  • Incremental development — the development of software products in tinier segments that merge to generate a larger software product later.
  • Working on tasks in time-boxed sprints — Cycles (monthly or weekly) are organized to efficiently deliver workable users’ stories.
  • Setups that are cross-functional — inter-organization communication ensures a harmonious working environment.
  • Efficient product backlogs management — informed decisions made before moving on to the successive project sprint cycles as per agile software product development ensures efficient product backlog management.
  • Retrospectives — An organization can learn from past mistakes and rectify the identified errors in the following projects and sprints.

What does Agile Product DEV Entail?

  1. Market-product fit
  2. The product takes a shorter period to hit the market
  3. Delivery of quality products
  4. Continuous delivery and integration

Core Agile Methodology Values

Stages followed when developing a Project using Agile Methodologies

Requirement gathering






Agile Development Methodologies




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