A Guide to Choosing Dedicated Software Development Teams

Any business owner will agree with this; there comes a time your business requires top talent to carry out some tasks. However, your in-house team can’t accomplish the job needed. In such a case, you hire a dedicated team to achieve the mission at hand. But before we continue, let’s understand what a dedicated team model is.

There are three models when a software development company and the client collaborate. A dedicated team is one of the models, while the other two are the fixed price model and Time and material model. All of them have their uniqueness. In this case, we will discuss dedicated teams.

When a client settles for a dedicated teams’ model, they research and get a group of top talents to carry out some tasks on the client’s project. The group becomes part of the in-house members although they work remotely whereby, they all cooperate to ensure the project turns out successfully. The dedicated software development teams consist of the following talents:

  • Business analysts
  • Backend and frontend developers
  • DevOps
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • UX/UI designers.

In the event another specialist is required, the vendor handles the outsourcing process on your behalf. The idea gives business owners room to concentrate on important matters concerning the business.

When Do You Need a Software Development Team?

  • Below are circumstances when you need to get a software development team
  • When some tasks take more Time of your professional team
  • The company lacks the specific talent for project completion
  • When you need to expand your business to another market
  • When more projects are coming in
  • Business starts declining due to excess work
  • When you want to engage your in-house professionals for other activities
  • When you want to create a quick MVP

The dedicated software development teams also referred to as team augmentation, help your business in a specific area, and nurture the company to reach the desired objectives.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model

As a business person, you have a project, and you decide to settle for a dedicated team model. That is the right decision for your business because of the following:

The fact remains that in-house hiring is quite expensive. Above all, there are other costs you must incur in the case of in-house hiring. The trend is different from dedicated teams. You can get the right vendor with the lowest rates, yet their services are top-notch.

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Although the dedicated teamwork remotely, you have all the Time to control and manage all their activities. There are daily engagements through different communication platforms. Good communication enables both parties to air their view and clear any misunderstandings to ensure the project is on the right track.

With dedicated teams, you can highlight the vision and mission of the business. In the end, you encourage the top talents to work towards a common goal. After all, the dedicated teams work effortlessly to ensure your business reaches the required heights.

The vendors conduct most of the hiring process requirements. You only select the best talents at the final stage. Since there is a wide range of skills, you get the work simplified by the vendor. You even get access to top-rated talents you have never found before. You only wait to shortlist the perfect team that suits your company’s needs.

Disadvantages of the Dedicated Team Model

Every model has its best side and the downfall side. Well, for a dedicated team model, expect the following downfalls:

The dedicated team works remotely. As the teams are from different locations, the time zones are different as well. When there is something urgent for the project, you can find yourself in a dilemma since none of the members is available, creating some inconveniences. Some do not work on specific days due to cultural practices. In such instances, you find it hard to pass a message across, especially if it is urgent.

Since the dedicated teamwork remotely, it becomes hard to manage the team. There are moments when, as a project owner, you want to be there physically and interact with the team. Unlike in-house hiring, where a manager can talk to the team and motivate them, the case does not apply to a dedicated team due to insufficient resources. Since you have other tasks to focus on, there is no time to meet the dedicated team. Even if you want to hire another manager to take over the job, will you manage the payment? It is a bit hard for sure.

Getting a dedicated team for your project entails a lot. You spend time finding the right team, then later on explaining your business objectives for quite some time again. After that, you need to keep in touch as they work on the project. Can you imagine going through all the processes, yet the team will work within a few months? Well, it doesn’t add up.

Where Can a Business Owner Find a Dedicated Team?

Up to this point, you understand the basics of a dedicated team. Now, the question is, where can a person outsource a dedicated team? Although Google is among the choices, you can end up getting confused about the best team to settle with. You can check on platforms like GitHub or StackOverflow, Upwork freelance platform, or B2B portals like Clutch.

You only need to search for the services that align with your goals and objectives. Narrow down your search until you land the reliable team specifically for your project. Consider top talents from countries within South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America.

How to Set-up, a Dedicated Team

After getting a reliable vendor, now follow the process below to set up the team

Explain all the job requirements, including the desired workflow, team size, and the type of professionals needed.

Start the process of recruiting top talent, the process can take up to one month, but if the project has urgency, it can be reduced to one week.

Now, select the best team for your business. Consider factors like tech skills, level of experience, English fluency, among other factors.

The selected team joins the ongoing project quickly. At this point, the business owner decides on the best management approach to use.

Legal Requirements when hiring a Dedicated Team

The vendor deals with the legal requirements to ensure the work is in order. However, you can’t outlook the following:

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA). This MSA specifies payment terms, how to resolve a dispute, and the final product’s rights. Do not assume that if you hired a dedicated team, the work belongs to you automatically. You can get surprised at some point. So, take precautions as early as possible by including the MSA agreement.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). There will be a point where your dedicated team will have access to your confidential information. However, you do not want such information exposed to unwanted users. To stay safe, include an NDA agreement. The document prohibits the team from sharing your info. The information should be used for the project only.
  • Statement of Work (SOW). As a business person, you need your work completed within a specified period and of good quality. Ensuring you stay safe and get value for your money, including the SOW document in the agreement.

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How to Fail with a Dedicated Team

A dedicated software development teams can help you solve your business requirements. However, if you are not careful, you might get disappointed in the end. The following red flags should guide you to avoid a terrible experience with a dedicated team.

In any business environment, communication is vital. Now, imagine you are dealing with talents from different countries. You need to communicate effectively and get timely feedback to ensure your project turns out as planned. Remember the idea of the language barrier. All the team members must be fluent in English, failure to that; you might have to reconsider as early as possible.

Do not let the dedicated team feel lonely. In any case, motivation keeps great talents to collaborate and bring out the best results. If the motivation is low, some workers are likely to perform poorly. And if one area fails, the entire project will be affected.

Staying agile means accepting any changes and corrections. Stay updated on the advancement of the project and give feedback promptly. The dedicated software development teams should be flexible enough and take another route whenever the need arises.


Business people hope for the best when it comes to matters about their business. If your business is performing poorly, it might be about Time you engaged a dedicated team to help you uplift your business. Whichever talent is missing from your in-house team, you can always fill the gap with a dedicated team.

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