How to Build a Serverless Web Application

Developing a serverless application enables you to create and launch apps without having to care about servers. However, it also allows you to concentrate on your application code rather than on provisioning, configuring, and maintaining infrastructure with several advantages.

What is the best way to design a serverless application?

By combining different AWS services, you may create a serverless web application. Each service is completely managed and requires no provisioning or management of servers on your part. It would be a good choice if you combined them to create a fully scalable, universally available serverless web application.

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1. Choose a web hosting provider :

To establish an S3 bucket, AWS prompts you to…

Best CMS Platforms

Designing a perfect website is as crucial as a brick-and-mortar presence. If your website is customized, simplified, simple-to-use, and appealing, it becomes easier for your company to prosper in the years ahead.

Building a precise and dependable website is not a cakewalk; you need to pick the most acceptable CMS to generate and manage content, blogs, and websites.

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) is a software program for creating, editing, collaborating, publishing, and storing digital information. CMSs are often used to manage enterprise content (ECM) and online content (WCM).

A CMS offers a graphical user interface with capabilities for creating…

Ideas for Software Testing

The contemporary world as it exists cannot run without digital devices and software. Computer software plays an integral role in the functioning of every digital device running this digital era. Therefore, software development becomes integral to any sector of the world economy. However, software development always includes software testing, an aspect that not everyone knows or appreciates. So what does it entail? What best practices get involved in software testing?

Software Testing Best Practices

Quality assurance proves pivotal in software development at the moment, and it will continue as more people become tech-savvy and the world continues to rely on computers to function. If…

How to Implement In-App Purchases in your App

Mobile app monetization is one of the most crucial elements when designing a mobile app. After all, each developer’s final objective is to earn income from their software, not just to pay their expenditures but also to earn a profit. There are various methods to achieve this, but one of the application’s most popular and effective money streams is mobile in-app purchases.

Every year, the Mobile App Market has the potential to create billions of dollars in income.

Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps: How to Monetize App?

The proper mobile app monetization strategy matches your target audience’s expectations. …

Speech Therapy App

Technology is advancing and has improved our lives. Regardless of its genre, each app development attempts to either make our lives easy or make it easy. We discuss these applications’ amenities and the comfort of life. We move our lips, tongue, jaws to make a sound identifiable in each language, and a collection of such sounds subsequently produces words and phrases. However, many individuals worldwide fail to talk and express themselves appropriately. For such adults, teenagers, and children, speech therapy is a holy grail.

Millions of practitioners conduct speech therapy throughout the world, seeking to address many speech and language…

Distributed Agile Teams

Agile transformation becomes an increasingly popular word in the world of software development business across the globe. However, distributed agile units or teams can prove relatively new to many. What does it entail? What benefits accrue from distributed agile units? Such questions can comprise some, among the many questions you have about distributed agile teams. Agile and distributed software development has become widely popular practices. However, the implications often prove clear when used differently; having the same terms in a sentence proves new to plenty of people.

Agile emphasizes collaboration and teamwork from a physical location, and distributed unit members…

5G App Ideas

Since the debut of smartphones, people have never looked back, and technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace. Everything that followed was beyond even the most irrational fantasies. Within a few years, cellphones have become our constant companion, which is why the mobile application development industry is exploding.

When we follow new technological trends, they first pique our imaginations, but within minutes, we begin to experience them fully. However, what we encounter in terms of mobile app development trends is always superior to our fantasies.

5th Generation Mobile Internet Network

5G, the successor to 4G, has the potential to be a Hundred times faster…

Price Comparison App Development

It is a global reality that customers appreciate shopping without hitting their pocket sizes. Therefore, they are looking for solutions that obtain things at a reasonable price and satisfy all their quality requirements. Mobile applications cover every industrial area, and this time they are merely set to cover the mobile applications price comparison notion.

Whether it is grocery price comparison app development or any other pricing comparison, an application has to be filled with features that make it simple for the user and company owner to run so that the users get fantastic results.

Any pricing comparison app development will…

Code Refactoring

Often, software developers deploy a “rapid and dirty” strategy towards coding to fast-track shipping. However, it becomes a different ballgame when it involves the modification of a software source code. For instance, when trying to modify and enhance a source code, its complexity can make it complex to repeat. It all comes about because as any specific program evolves, its source code’s complexity level increases. However, you can put in some work to simplify the complexity.

Codes can prove non-understandable due to multiple lines (KLOC) with messy structures, leading to increased software maintenance costs. However, you can manage the code’s…

Advantages of TypeScript over JavaScript

For the past few years, TypeScript has grown in popularity. It is listed as one of the five most promising languages for the year 2020. In addition, typeScript is used by Angular, one of the most popular frontend frameworks. Around 65% of JS developers currently use TypeScript.

JavaScript has historically been the primary language for scripting web pages and applications on the Internet. However, with frameworks like Node.js and Deno, it is now feasible to utilize JavaScript on both the frontend and backend.

TypeScript is a programming language

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that supports optional typing and compiles to standard JavaScript. In simplest terms…

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